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There’s more to me than exciting adventures of marriage and children sprinkled with beer and bourbon. My interests run from comedy to American History to literature and movies. Loyal readers know this already. Below are some interesting blogs and sites that help me with my sanity when I have a moment to spare.

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Crispy Confessions

A little of everything here. There’s advice on running and maintaining your blog. There’s also some life stories and advice for holidays. Helen gives you plenty to read about, and she’s also a freelance writer/editor if you need help with anything. Details about her services can be found on her site.

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Diary of a Gay Dad

I consider this man to be a “komrade in keyboarding”. The “diary” features stories about home life and raising kids while working your job and holding it all together. There are plenty of adventures with this family, not unlike mine, and the stories of Andi, John, and their crew are something parents can relate to.

Presidential History Blog

This is a website that goes beyond the textbook information and gives you anecdotes and a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Presidents of the United States, their First Ladies, and their staffs. The site highlights certain episodes of administrations and how the Presidents dealt with personal and political crises. A great site for history buffs who think they’ve read everything there is to read about the White House and its past residents.

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The Book’s Delight

Run by an author in Texas, The Book Delight is part journal that allows you to follow the insights of an author and part book reviews that feature independent authors. There are also links allowing you to purchase books written by Jean, the site’s owner, and featured writers. (Check out “The Heron”.)

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