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Why read this blog?

by Greg G., a Brave Daddy who likes to write

At after-school pickups, soccer games, and even waiting in line at the grocery store checkout, I always hear people say, “Oh my God! Me too!” when I start lamenting about my brave daddy travails. No matter what the homework assignment is or how menial the chore seems, parents worldwide need to muster the same amount of energy to get their child out of bed for school or into the kitchen to load the dishwasher. The excuses are the same, the attitude is the same. It just comes in a different voice.

This blog contains stories of children who would rather run around the block than do a math problem. You’ll read about “forced marches” home from school on a cloudless, 70-degree day. If your kids think they have it bad, if you think you’re labelled as the worst parent, allow me to introduce you to my little Miracles of Christ.

You’ll learn more about the cast of characters as we go along, especially the little darlings that have since transformed me from a gentle, live-and-let-live individual into a single malt scotch and craft beer connoisseur.

The Cast of Characters

Wife. Mother of “The Boy”, “Lovie”, “Slugger”, and “The Oppressed”. Claims to work in Corporate America but I and a few others seem to think she works for a secretly funded black-ops branch of the federal government due to long stretches of not being reached and impromptu travel.

Lovie. A high school graduate who believes it is her God-given right to sleep until noon. Questions my taste in movies and music. Everything is going “great” and “nothing” is happening.

Slugger. A high school student. Learning to drive and currently trying to follow Steph Curry despite the constant inconveniences of classes at school and chores at home. Full-time sneaker fanatic.

The Oppressed. My daughter. Believes I am conspiring with her teacher to make her life miserable and blames me for her not, “enjoying life”. Anti-homework crusader and tireless advocate for oppressed children everywhere.

The Boy. My youngest. Constantly upset over having to end his time playing with his friends to go to a practice. Does “nothing” at school but forbids me from verifying this with his teachers. Exercises final approval on what is to be read at bedtime.

The Gaggle. Any one or more foster child(ren) that enter and leave our home.

Kitty. Our cat. She likes to think I am her personal climbing post and Wife is her own bed. Kitty enjoys running around in circles at random times during the day and stalking/pouncing on anything that moves. If you ask Wife, she’s already used up seven or eight or her nine lives.

Doggie. Our dog. Constantly tests the patience of both Wife and Kitty. Will eat anything in reach, endearing us to her vet. Clearly favors Lovie and The Gaggle. Wife is alright with this.

Me. Hi, my name is Greg. I’m from Massachusetts and have been a househusband for over nine years. I’m a parent and a foster parent. I’m college-educated, well-read individual who has turned into a hardened veteran of “The Homework Wars”. Hostage negotiator who frequently deals with hunger-strikes as a result of limited menus and a refusal to cook multiple dishes at mealtimes.

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