Brave Daddy Passes Fourth Cori, Second Fingerprinting

Results clear way to chaperone
children’s field trips

Brave Daddy stops his yardwork long enough to address adoring public upon
hearing news of his latest successful CORI check. (Photo: Brave Daddy)

Brave Daddy, the parent renowned for his humorous stories on parenting, youth sports, and homework, has passed his fourth CORI and second round of fingerprinting, local sources have reported.

Results were reported by local school staff. The latest passed check clears the way for the parenting pundit to accompany his children on various field trips and participate in other school-sanctioned activities. Brave Daddy’s wife has also passed her CORI and fingerprinting, also allowing her to chaperone.

The need for yet another round of background checks arose from the desire to chaperone previously mentioned field trips his children are going on. Previous checks were done for baseball, flag football, and foster parenting.

“I’m very happy with the results of this latest check,” Brave Daddy said taking a break from mowing his yard.

Pivetta on the mound for Sox against Texas, Dunning.

Brave Daddy’s lawyer, Dewey Cheatum, was glad but not surprised upon hearing the results, and expressed hope his client would no longer need to prove his merit to the community.

“The crucible of tribulations my client has met and overcome should provide example and inspiration to daddies and mommies everywhere,” Cheatum said. “His Herculean efforts to get to where he is now are extraordinary.”

Another piece of the acquitting evidence

An unnamed source called the needed fourth check, “a clerical error on an unknown bureaucratic level.”

While he is excited to see new things with his family, Brave Daddy also expressed interest in investigating the offerings of snack bars and food trucks in the vicinity of the field trip sites.

“I’m hoping to find some barbecue or ice cream,” he said hopefully.

The elation of the news is not just contained to Brave Daddy. Brave Daddy’s youngest daughter, The Oppressed, has voiced her approval of the results and is looking forward to a full docket of activities as the school year enters the homestretch. Brave Daddy’s youngest son, The Boy, wants to go to a friend’s house to play. Older children Slick, Slugger, and Lovie are campaigning to have final exams cancelled and could not be reached for comment. The Gaggle is currently asleep.

Celtics hope to stay alive in Milwaukee.

Brave Daddy’s wife declined comment on the matter, citing, “the ridiculousness of the story and subject matter.

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