How to Have Fun when you Lose Power After a Storm

It’s a rough day here in the northeast. Rain. Howling winds. We lost power hours ago. It’s the kind of day I like to pretend we’re settlers trying to survive on the unforgiving wilderness. We (Wife) made coffee outside by the grill. Slugger went outside to gather firewood for when darkness covers us. He made three trips. I think there are five or six logs for us.

Wet firewood on a rack.
Our store of firewood

The Oppressed and The Boy are at a friend’s house. That leaves us with only three kids for now. The other house has eight, I think.

Living Without Electricity

Being a history buff, I like these brief episodes without electricity and the other modern conveniences. It’s our own chance to camp in. We have shelter and a healthy supply of non-perishables. It’s easy to “rough it” for a day or two. No electricity. Light a couple of candles. Read by candlelight. Write by candlelight. In the meantime, there’s daylight.

Wife made some coffee for our neighbors. I drove up to them with the coffee and checked on our own children. My phone charges for the short drive to keep the battery full. I get back home and return to my reading and writing and continue to pass the time.

A book, notebook, pen, and glasses on a wooden table.
Passing the time

The Poor, Poor Children

Slugger has resumed his firewood duty. He’s winded after one trip. All of the children are suffering, really. Nintendo Switches didn’t get charged. WiFi is spotty. I tried to convince The Boy and The Oppressed to play an unplugged game of something. That was when they booked it to the neighbors.

I’m googling how to boil water. There’s another mountain of dishes to be washed and we’re running out of space on the counters again.

A girl standing on the street with no jacket in the rain.
The future of our country.

I’m not saying I’m going to wash dishes today. I’m saying I want to be prepared if I will. I don’t see power coming back any time soon. What did come back was The Oppressed… without a jacket.

“Where’s your jacket?” I asked.

“I forgot it.” 🤦‍♂️

Nighttime With no Power

It’s dark. We have candles lit all around the house. Flashlights for moving around. Lovie takes the flashlights and puts on a light show. We have a fire in the fireplace. Still no power. I may pour a beer and pretend I’m a traveler in a tavern.

A fire in a fireplace behind a screen.
Nighttime at home.

Neighbors brought us dinner. They have a generator and we’re able to cook with electricity. Dinner was great. I was planning the evening with the children. They’ll be home, I’m sure. We have cards. We have board games. I have a case of beer. This is going to be great. A fire and some games with the kids. I find out The Oppressed and The Boy are staying over the neighbors. Oh well, a man can dream.

On the plus side, The Oppressed and The Boy are away tonight. Two kids down, three to go.

We’ve had dinner. I’m having a beer and just grabbed a book. Children are going stir-crazy because their phones are losing power. They don’t know what to do with themselves.

A book and a bottle of beer on a table with lit candles.
My night.

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I am a househusband and stay-at-home parent. I offer this sanctuary to any parent, new or otherwise, to let them know they are not alone in their daily struggles and challenges to their sanity.

2 thoughts on “How to Have Fun when you Lose Power After a Storm”

  1. Good read, Greg. Reminds me of the 15 year old son of a friend of Maria. They came over our house during the power outage to charge their phones (we had a generator running essentials in the house). No, this mother or the kid couldn’t figure out how to charge a phone in her car. Don’t ask me to explain that, because I can’t!

    Anyway it was fun to see the kid looking like a fish out of water waiting for his phone to charge up. Maria suggests a short walk around the block to pass the time. What does this kid do? He grabs his phone for the walk!! Yes, this is our future. Scares the hell out of me!!


    1. Wayne, I’m sure he wanted the phone for the GPS. He didn’t want anyone to get lost. After all you were going around the block. I’m sure it was a great distance for him. Don’t be so quick to judge. I know I myself would never! 😇

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