My Children’s First Red Sox Game at Fenway Park


There was another recent milestone for The Gaggle. They finally saw their first game at Fenway Park. This was a special moment for everyone because their first game was against the New York Yankees. Some children in our family play baseball, and tonight, everyone was going to watch baseball.

Choosing the Seats

Wife wanted me to pick the seats. This would be a special moment, so I knew the seats had to be just right. I picked bleacher seats behind the bullpen. These are good seats in my opinion. Also, I knew this would give the children, all children a special experience and it did… But more on that later.

We drove into Boston that night and parking wasn’t as bad as you would expect. Our family made it to Fenway Park with time to spare and then we got food. Next, I got a score book because I like to keep score when I go to a Red Sox game. There wasn’t a lot of time to get to our seats and we wanted to get our food and get settled. I grabbed a pre-made Italian sausage to save time. Don’t buy the pre-made Italian sausage.

The Fenway Park Experience

I grabbed a pre-made Italian sausage. Don’t buy the pre-made Italian sausage.

A few innings in and The Boy already had to use the bathroom. More trips to the bathroom during the game were to come and I stopped keeping score. I was missing too much of the game to keep up.

Fenway Park

It rained too. Usually, when sitting in right field, I am under the porch where the retired numbers are. For a better experience, I picked seats that were directly behind the bullpens (with no shelter). Unfortunately, I was so occupied with finding good seats, I didn’t think about the weather. This was a lack of foresight and I assume full responsibility for this. Moreover, my family got wet because I did not plan. Luckily for my family, my wife planned and provided ponchos for us.

Next is another trip to the bathroom for The Boy. Again, another episode of standing up as well as making other people stand up so we can get out. Finding our way through the crowds getting food, finding their seats, standing in line. Fenway Park is small, and I would like to see the Red Sox play in a bigger park with room for people to move around without walking into each other or having to walk through a line of people waiting for their food. Yes, I said it. I would like to see Fenway Park replaced.

Watching Play on the Field, and in the Stands

The game went on. The Boy and I returned to our seats. I got a refill on my drink while I was up. Just Coca-Cola tonight. We were in the middle innings, and things were getting a little tense between the Red Sox fans and the Yankees fans. People started chanting their standard slogans. I thought the Red Sox winning World Series lately would put an end to razzing the Yankees and their fans. I guess it’s been a while since I’ve been to a Red Sox-Yankees game.

Yes, I said it. I would like to see Fenway Park replaced.

There’s more rain, and this time it was enough to cause a delay. Rain ceases. Play resumes. More chanting. More razzing. Yankees fans yelling. Red Sox fans yelling. Things escalate. Finally, security comes. Police come. Fans are escorted out of the park. Fans cheer and now I feel like Wife and I have truly given our children a real Fenway experience.

Some of the children aren’t feeling well so Wife leaves with them. I offer to go and suggest we should all go. Wife disagrees. Children have been looking forward to this. Furthermore, it’s their first time at Fenway Park. I remain with the other children. The Red Sox win, 5-4 in 10 innings.

The Red Sox celebrate a win, and my kids were there.

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