Laundry Quest


If you want something done right you have to do it yourself. In my case, if I want something done I have to do it myself.

Dirty laundry on a good day

I have previously mentioned each of the Miracles of Christ are given a chore. This is their individual chore for two weeks. Normally, I find myself doing other people chores if people are going to have clean dishes come dinnertime or if I want clean clothes.

One particular child was charged with laundry duty for a period of time. This responsibility came with more than a few teachable moments for everyone in the house. Said child learned there is an indicator on the washing machine that tells you when the door is locked. Maybe they didn’t see it. Maybe “Door Locked” was too difficult to comprehend. Whatever it was, they wanted to add something to the washing machine after it had started. Rather than pause the wash to unlock the door, they decided to try brute force to get it open. It worked. The door opened. The door broke and we needed someone to come and fix the door to the washer but it worked. And the door opened.

There was a positive to come from this. The child learned to look before trying to open the washer. An added bonus for them was learning more of the features that came with our state of the art washing machine, like a door that locks when the clothes inside are being washed. What will they think of next?

Then again, the clothes actually making it down to the basement and into the washing machine are an improvement. Bedrooms throughout our humble abode have hampers that are piled high with dirty clothes that are waiting to go into the laundry room. One nameless child has a hamper that has clean, folded clothes in their hamper. But that’s a story for another day.

I find myself bringing clothes down and doing a load of laundry myself on occasion. This prevents the occasional child from telling me and Wife they have no underwear. Sometimes the child in charge of laundry will help out by moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer or from the dryer to a table in the basement. That’s it. They don’t fold the clothes. They don’t bring the clothes upstairs. One of the children does their own laundry. They never run out of clothes.

I find our laundry laborer on the couch and ask about the clean, unfolded clothes on the table waiting to be worn by eager members of out family. “Oh. I got busy.” (Netflix) “Oh. I’m gonna get to it soon.” (XBox) “I’m going to get to it.” (Pick something.)

Like I said, I find it to be easier if I just do it myself. I find I have clean clothes that way. Plus, it prevents people from being killed by a collapsing mountain of clothes.

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