How are things at home? Here’s a little insight into our life.

The Corona Hype has everyone worked up and stocking up toilet paper like booze during Prohibition. Everyone here at the house is dealing with the outbreak as best they can. School is cancelled for three weeks. We have stocked up on supplies in case of a quarantine and the children see the supplies and think The Wife and I are throwing a party just for them.

We think we are all set and then the time comes when we actually need something. One of us has to go to the store. I park in the back of the lot to avoid the throngs of hoarders fighting for a space closer to the store. It gives me exercise and a chance to say an extra “Hail Mary” before entering the Retail Colosseum. I only need two or three things so I don’t need a carriage.

I browse the toilet paper aisle just for laughs. There’s a couple of packages left. For the right price, I can tell you where I was.

I come home and tell The Wife of the fun I had at the Colosseum. We check on two of the kids who are coughing and dealing with a bout of asthma. One of The Gaggle sneezes and then yells, “Corona!” Another is in bed a lot. My wife and I look at each other and pray our house is not another statistic.

Wife works from home. She had a cold (a gift from The Gaggle) just as Coronamania started to grip the nation. She was told to stay here. There may have been a restraining order involved. I don’t remember.

We’re trying to teach our children “Social Distancing”. It’s working well, especially when our children climb into bed with us. I’m trying to figure out how to cover my face and still breathe at the same time. I’ve carried children back to bed a couple of times. They find their way back. Children need to be right up against me in bed. I hear another cough. I roll my eyes.

A souvenir photo from the Colosseum.

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