Funny Stories by a Stay at Home Dad

(Parenting humor, not advice. No one knows what they’re doing, anyway.)

Welcome! Thank you for checking things out. My name is Greg. I am a father, a husband, a coach, cook, chauffer, mediator, an occasional hostage negotiator.

What do I do?

I write stories about my adventures as a parent. This includes children hiding under tables when I’m trying to help them with homework. There are meals that take hours to cook and seconds to refuse. Have you ever had a great idea for something to do with the kids, only to have them refuse to partake? I have, and while the day was traumatic, it turned out to make a pretty good story for you to read.

One of the many battlefields.

Writing is what I do.

What else do I do?

In addition to being a parent, I am also a foster parent and own a dog and a cat because my wife and I just can’t get enough excitement. Do you like beer? I like beer! Oh my gosh! We have so much in common!

Grab a beer and click on some stories, they’re all true. Some are funny. Hopefully, reading these will make you realize you’re not the worst parent out there (That’s me. Ask my kids.) and hopefully you’ll be entertained while you think about that last time you ruined your child’s life by not making their favorite meal or didn’t buy the cool sneakers.

Have a beer. You may need it after reading these stories.

Remember, this site has stories for parents, not advice. No one really knows what they’re doing, anyway.

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This is why my Friday is fun and Exciting

Well, I told you my Friday was exciting. Now you’re going to read about it. What good shall I do this day? Benjamin Franklin Friday started like any other day for me. I said hello to Doggie and Kitty, got some coffee and got ready to face the day. I walked to the bus with … Continue reading “This is why my Friday is fun and Exciting”

An Exciting, Fun-Filled, Week for Daddy

I continue on my way to the dentist. That’s right. I have a dentist appointment. It’s important that I keep my teeth healthy so I can keep eating steak and burgers.

I’ve been a stay-at home parent for over 10 years. There are a lot of websites out there that claim to give advice on how to raise children and keep it together. I know better. Nobody knows what they’re doing, just ask your children. Instead of pretending to know it all, I just tell you stories about my daily struggles to make it from breakfast to school to practice to dinner to bedtime.

My skills in writing coupled with my skills in parenting combine to give you this website that will amuse you and make you see you’re not doing such a bad job. You’re welcome.

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