Drink Your Juice (And Other Crimes Against Humanity)


Daddy’s Christmas Carol

(With apologies to Dickens) Stave 1: Farley’s Ghost Everything was in place for Christmas morning. Wife was going to bed. I wanted to finish my drink before following her. There wasn’t much left, so I wouldn’t be long. I sat on the couch admiring the tree and all of its ornate glory. The decorations on … Continue reading “Daddy’s Christmas Carol”

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I’ve been a stay-at home parent for over 10 years. There are a lot of websites out there that claim to give advice on how to raise children and keep it together. I know better. Nobody knows what they’re doing, just ask your children. Instead of pretending t know it all, I just tell you stories about my daily struggles to make it from breakfast to school to practice to dinner to bedtime. Along the way, there will be bruised bodies and egos, but it will be a great story someday and that’s why you’re here. You’re here to read stories about my struggles and learn that everyone is going through the same thing you are and maybe, just maybe, you’re not the worst parent on the planet.

I am a husband, a father, an afterschool tutor, and a youth sports coach. I am a scotch and beer connoisseur. I am a storyteller, a writer, and now I am a motivational speaker. Of course, my work is not to really motivate you with my grand tales, it comes from the stories about the Homework Wars, the practices gone awry, and the well-intentioned road trips that end with my wife and I collapsing at the end of the day and making sure everyone is accounted for. My skills in writing coupled with my skills in parenting combine to give you this website that will amuse you and make you see you’re not doing such a bad job. You’re welcome.

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